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The observatory is in a farm and country touristic resort called Masia Cal Maciarol and it is part of the Observatori Astronòmic Cal Maciarol - Montsec, a set of 8 semi-detached modules aligned east to west in a straight line 26 meters across.These modules were constructed between 1997 and 1998 and devoted primarily to astrophotography due to the excellent characteristics of the local skies.

Masia Cal Maciarol is placed at the Àger village, Vall d'Àger valley beside the Montsec mountain range. The area is very rich in natural and historical resorts.

Since 05-01-2011 remote observations are fully operational.

MPC observatory code. Observer & measurer: Francesc Baldrís. Francesc Baldrís also has assigned the FBa VSNET observer code.

The Cal Maciarol Mòdul 8, A02 MPC observatory code (Observer and measurer: Josep Lluís Salto) is also placed at the 8 semi-detached modules.