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Observatory outside
Mount: Orion's Atlas EQ-G + EQMOD
Telescope: Sky-Watcher's Newton 200mm f/5
Focuser: Custom made (Engine)
CCD: Moravian's G2-4000 Mark II
Filters: L, Hα, OIII, SII,
L IR corrected, R, G, B
Chip: Kodak KAI-4022
Field: 51.9 x 52.1 arcminutes
Pixel resolution: 1.51 arcseconds per pixel
Antiblooming: Yes
Correction: Darks, bias and flats
Wide field telescope: Borg 77 ED + reducer-flattener
Focuser: Custom made (Engine)
Color CCD: QHY8L
Filter wheel: Atik EFW1
Filters: Optolong L-Extreme
Chip: ICX413AQ
Field: 2.99 x 1.98 degrees
Pixel resolution: 3.54 arcseconds
Antiblooming: Yes
Correction: Darks, bias and flats
CCD capture software: NINA
Image processing software: PixInsight
Cartographic Software: Antares (custom program)
Cartes du Ciel
Guide telescope: LunŠtico's EZG-60
Guide CCD camera: ZWO ASI120MM Mini (mono)
Guide software: PHD2 Guiding