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Observatory outside
Telescope: 200mm Newton
Focal ratio: f/5
Mount: Super Polaris + Skysensor 2000PC
CCD: Custom camera similar to the
Starlight Xpress's SXF camera
Chip: ICX027BL-6
Antiblooming: No
Correction: Dark
Pixel resolution: 2.6 arcseconds
Photometric aperture: Circle of 5 arcseconds radius
Astrometric software: Fase 3, Astrometrica
Photometric software: Fase 3, Focas
Astrometric catalog: UCAC 2
Photometric catalog: USNO A2.0 R mag
Exposures: 164s (2m 44s)
Image processing software: AIP for Windows
Cartographic Software: Cartes du ciel
CCD capture software: XPColor